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1. Material

We only use the best materials possible! With our company, we are here to make things last and have integrity for our work. We like to see jobs we have done looking good! This is why we use the best materials available! We do it with no extra cost to you either! 

We Go Above
and Beyond

3. Warranty 

We put our money where our mouth is! With having the best and most experienced team on the west coast! It is a no-brainer to back our work up just so you can feel good about your decision to go with us! We also we aren't trying to have you be just a check to us or another job. We are neighbors fellow Oregonians we are here to help you with whatever it is we can all at a price that we both can be happy with. 

4. Package Plans 

We offer a simple way to get what you need to be done. That no other company has done before. If you know what you need done or want then you can go ahead and book it. There is no need to send someone out to go over a bunch of useless stuff that you don't need or want and have a sales guy sell you on a bunch of crap

2. Scheduling 

 we decided to just let you the customer take control of our scheduling. All you do is pick a service you need to be done than the day and time that is available that works best for you and we will be there for whatever it is you have selected. 

Gutter Guards

  • Stainless steel micro-mesh blocks leaves, pine needles, and roof grit from entering your gutter.

  • Heavy-duty materials withstand all the elements and will never rust or warp.

  • Easy to install on any 6" wide or smaller gutter and won't void your roof warranty.

  • Designed, Assembled, and Packaged in the USA. Backed by a 25-year warranty and a world-class, US-based support team.

  • Includes self-tapping, corrosion-resistant screws, and a magnetic hex head driver.

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Leaf Blaster Pro


Rain gutter getting cleaned by northh fresh gutters

Most Popular

Leaf Blaster Pro 


All Gutter Guards Are Custom Installed For Your Home!

1. Online Booking 

We have made things easy! With our online booking its never been easier to hire a contractor. You are in control pick a day timeand what you need done and we take care of the rest!

2. Online Payments 

As with our online booking. We  offer a n easy way to pay online for your convenience! No more having to be there to give a check. We simply send a text or email and you can go to our secure portal and payonline.

3. Features

We only use the best materials avalaible for you! We do not use any nails on the job only screws that are a wood grip self sealing screw to ensure they don't leak or come loose over time. 

4. Discounts and Offers 

We Support our cliants! As well as our troops and service members! So to say thank you we offer a 10% Discount on all services that we offer to show our appreciation!

House Wihout Rain Gutters North Fresh Gutters

6k, 5k, Facia, & More 

Rain Gutters 

Gutter Guards By North Fresh Gutters

6k, 5k, Facia, & More 

Gutter Guards 

Custom Copper Rain Gutters by North Fresh Gutters


Custom Gutters 

Dirty Clogged Rain Gutters North Fresh Gutters

Repairs & Roofs Cleanings 

Gutter Cleanings 

Rain Drops
Clogged Rain Gutters North Fresh Gutters

Thanks For Keeping It Local! How Can We a Be Of Assistance Today?  

A list  of services we provide are below if what you are in need of isn't on there just ask us and we will lead you in the right direction if we are unable to help you with it. 

Why you should go with the pros 

When it comes to gutters things can get bad real fast.

Carbon Fiber

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Cutout Saddle

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All-Weather Tire

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Work scheduled 

We will then pick a day that works best for you to have the work done. You will get a reminder email and a text the day before your scheduled installation day. The day of installation you will receive a text letting you know the ETA of the specialist that will be doing your job. 


Book online  

Book an estimate with us online or one of our services. We will then give you a quote for how much it will be. You simply except the quote then we get you in the schedule for the work to be done. 


Enjoy the fresh new look 

Rain gutters for the average home only takes a day to do. The fresh clean look new gutters does to your house plus with care free no worries of water damage or leaky gutters anymore! Will make you feel good about your decision Plus we have a no leak guarantee or we come fix it for free!   

Facia Board Replacement 

Facia Board Replacement 

Facia Board Replacement 

Facia Board Replacement 

Life Moves Fast! So fast that most people forget to take care of there gutters.

Rain Gutters are one of those things that you don't think about until they aren't working and leaking. Or worse they have caused a major problem! With our Rain Gutter system you will have no more worries. This system has proven to work for thousands of Oregonians! It has our satisfaction guarantee and our no leak guarantee or we come fix it for free. All for a price that you will be kicking yourself for not doing this sooner. Take a look at what we have for you or book a free estimate for us to come and take a look at your home.